Contemporary French Poetry

Contemporary French Poetry Daisy Sainsbury

“Over the last forty years, contemporary French poetry has been living in a state of crisis. Pronounced dead – or worse, irrelevant – it has sought to reassert its value, define its current specificity, and delineate its difference from the poetic practices of the past. But what are the defining contours of poetry today, given the sheer variety of practices that make up the contemporary field? Drawing on Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s discussion of minor literature, which explores the relationship between literature, language and power, Daisy Sainsbury argues that one unifying feature is the presence of a ‘minor poetics’. Through close readings of three important poets – Dominique Fourcade, Olivier Cadiot and Christophe Tarkos – she examines how these three successive generations of linguistically experimental poets disrupt both literary and non-literary discourses, making the major minor, and redefining the political potential of poetic language in the process.”

Contemporary French Poetry” was published in hardback in July 2021 by Legenda (paperback forthcoming). To order a copy to your local bookshop or library, see here. The cover image is John Latham’s “Distress of a Dictionary” (1988), to find out more, see Legenda’s post here.